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Welcome To Doodled Spaniels

We are a small scale breeder located 40 minutes outside of Edmonton, Alberta.  Our dogs are a part of our family, where they receive lots of love and attention.  Our love for the Spaniel and poodle (both highly intelligent, and loyal dogs) brought us to our new passion of breeding a  pet with both the amazing traits of Spaniels and Poodles together. Our dogs are our family companions, we care very much about their health and wellbeing.

All of our puppies are raised in our home in a loving, interactive environment. We believe that a puppy's training begins from the time that they are born, and some of the most important experiences they will have begin in the first few weeks of their lives.  We feed our dogs and puppies a combination of high quality dog food and supplements to ensure that they have everything they need during this crucial development stage. Our puppies will be introduced to basic training, potty training, and are socialized, cuddled, played with and loved until they are ready to meet their new families. It is our goal that the transition into our puppies forever home is a smooth and happy one. It is very important to us that the puppies are adopted to the best homes possible. 

Our puppies will go to their new homes with a puppy care package that includes a 1 year health guarantee, a sample of the food they are on, a blanket with their littermates and parents scent. They will be up to date on their deworming, vaccinations and will have been vet checked by a licenced veterinarian.  

A Little About Our Doodles


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Cavapoos are gentle and friendly dogs that are great for families or anyone in need of a close companion.  They are an easy going, clever breed. They are great for first time puppy owners due to the fact that they are fast learners and love to please. These dogs do not like to be alone and need companionship. These loveable little dogs will soak up any attention, praise and will always be up for snuggling on your lap.


A Cavapoo is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel bred with a Poodle. They will have wavy to loose curls with a soft coat that will need to be brushed and groomed regularly. Although they are part poodle expect some shedding, this will vary between each individual puppy, those with tighter curls will generally shed less than those with a straighter coat.  These dogs are moderately active and enjoy playing games and socializing with people.  They are suitable for all living arrangements including city and apartment living as they are most happy wherever you are.    Cavapoos will mature to be between 14 - 18 lbs. and 11" - 14" at the shoulders.


Soon to be coming to Doodled Spaniels - Cockapoo puppies!

Anticipated Early next year - We will be posting more information about our new dogs in the near future

Cockapoos have a spunky and affectionate personality.  These little darlings are friendly people oriented dogs.  They are very intelligent and easy to train.  The Cockapoo loves to please and has a loyal, cheerful temperament.   They are always eager to learn new tricks or spend time cuddling on your lap.  They will have lower shedding than their cousin the Cavapoo.  These puppies will make the perfect companion for you to share your life with.

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