Meet Our Dogs    

Lyla 2.jpeg


Lyla is our adorable and sweet Tri-color Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  She is gentle, affectionate, loving girl who loves to spend time lounging with her family.  She fits her breeds description as a true lapdog.  She is 13.5 inches to the shoulders and weighs 17 lbs.



Paisley is our silly and playful Maxi Cockapoo. She is a true companion who loves to be by your side weather you are relaxing or on the go.  Her affectionate smile will melt your heart as she asks for just one more pet.  Paisley weighs 35 lbs. and measures 18" at the shoulders.  She  the best medium sized dog who is not to small but the perfect size for every adventure you go on.

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Teddy, father to all our litters, is our lovable miniature Poodle. He is loyal, laid back and content. He is happy just to be with you. He loves cuddles and has a very sweet loving nature. His favorite thing is belly rubs and will gladly fetch anything for you to get his belly rubbed. Teddy is at 11" inches to the shoulders and weighing 13 lbs.